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Question: How can I get my book published?
Response: The Writers' Union of Canada, a national organization of professional writers of books for the general public, has information including a resource guide, contract and evaluation services, and publications that can be sent to you. For more information contact The Writers' Union of Canada at http://www.writersunion.ca/ or call (416) 703-8982.

Question: How do I get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)?
Response: Contact the National Library of Canada's Canadian ISBN Agency
Telephone: (819) 994-6872
Fax: (819) 953-8508

Question: Where can I get a list of Canadian publishers/wholesalers/agents/ packagers/bookstores/etc.?
Response: Quill & Quire publishes a directory titled "The Book Trade in Canada" which is published annually. It should be available in your local library. To order a copy, please contact Quill & Quire at (416) 364-3333. 

Question: I've been approached by a publisher who wants to publish my book; I've never heard of them. Are they legit?
Response: Contact The Writers' Union of Canada http://www.writersunion.ca/; don't give the publisher any money. 

Question: I have the title of a book; could you tell me who publishes it?
R.R. Bowker publishes "Books in Print" which is available in your library or bookstore. The directory has a listing of titles, authors, publishers and ISBNs. For more information visit their website at http://www.bowker.com/ or contact their Canadian sales office by sending an email to mailto:salvytrojman@bowker.com

Question: How can I get a job in the publishing industry?
Response: We suggest that you take publishing courses such as:

Question: What are the steps to publishing a textbook?

o Author submits textbook proposal to publisher.
o Publisher conducts market review of proposal.
o Contract between author and publisher is signed.
o Editorial works with author to create manuscript.
o Entire manuscript is sent out for review.
o Production begins.
o Author reviews editing.
o Pages and cover are designed and formatted.
o Marketing and sales strategy is determined.
o Ancillaries are developed.
o Index is prepared.
o Book is sent to printer.
o Book is published.
o Sales reps work the market.
o Adoptions are secured.
o Books are shipped.
o Books are purchased by students.
o Royalties are paid to author.

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